Bespoke Pressed Flower Art

From a single flower to an entire bridal bouquet or memorial arrangement, I can transform fresh flowers from an important day into a custom piece of art you will cherish for years to come.  Through several processes and techniques I have learned over time, your flowers will be pressed and artfully arranged into a piece of art.  Standard frame glass will be replaced with UV filtering, non-glare acrylic to assist in the longevity of your pressed flower art.

If your flowers are already dried, I may still be able to work with them and create a shadowbox display for you, please inquire!

Please note, a deposit of $50 is required to hold your date in our schedule.  This will be deducted from the final cost when your artwork is completed.

Pressed Flower Art is a lovely gift for yourself or a loved one for any of the following occasions:

  • wedding flowers

  • memorial services

  • baby showers

  • anniversary flowers

  • birthday flowers

  • any special event



What is the process and how do I get started?

Please make sure your flowers are kept in water as much as possible after the ceremony and photographs. We can make arrangements to meet preferably the day after or up to 2-3 days as long as your flowers are still in good condition.  If the petals are shattering and browning or severely wilting, they are past the window for optimal pressing (I may still be able to dry and create a shadow box for you). Once I receive your flowers I will breakdown your bouquet and start pressing the materials.  If you are not close by I can still press your flowers!  You will need to overnight your flowers securely with a water/hydration pack.  Once completed I will ship your art to you (typically the fee for this is approximately $20-25).  

I ask that you already have your frame purchased so you can give it to me at the same time I receive your flowers. I will provide white backing as a base for your pressed flower art.  If there is something else you would like to use instead please have it precut to the size of your frame. 

It can take up to 8 weeks for some flowers and foliage to dry completely.  I check on your flowers every couple of days, sometimes daily, and use various pressing techniques depending on the product.  Once everything is dry, I will arrange in your frame using an adhesive and seal with UV art glass .


How much does it cost to have wedding/event flowers pressed and framed?

The cost for pressing special event/wedding flowers includes the following:

  • travel time to pick up your bouquet as well as meeting to return your completed art

  • disassembling of your flowers, rehydration with professional solution

  • entire process(es) of individual flower pressing

  • UV filtering glass replacement

  • full design and composition of your art

Prices for this process are as follows:

Standard size bridal bouquet (16X20 frame matted to 11X14)  $275 + tax

Separate Framed Boutonnierre (5X7)  $65 + tax

Porcelain ornament made by local Carlisle potter, K. Olson Ceramics.  Created with smaller pressed flowers/plant material and finished with leather cord for hanging (these make excellent gifts for loved ones)  $10 + tax 

*Color enhancing is available for an additional cost of $50-$100 depending on the amount of work needed.  Please let me know at the time of booking if this is an option you are interested in.  Once your flowers are pressed I will assess the amount of enhancing required and communicate the additional cost before starting.  Color enhancement is strongly encouraged for bouquets that contain mostly white flowers, especially white roses.  See examples below (L to R): enhanced white rose, lavender spray roses, orange/rust colored rose.

What size frame do I need?

I have found that a 16X20 frame matted to 11X14, creates the ideal work space for a standard wedding bouquet.  If you prefer a frame without a mat, you can look for an 11X14 frame.  The cost for bridal work is based on these measurements and should be considered the minimum size for a bouquet.  If you would like a larger size please inquire for additional costs involved.

Ready to get started?  Contact me today to reserve your date in my calendar!  Since I can only work with a limited number of orders at the same time, there is a $50 non-refundable deposit required to hold your date in my schedule. This amount will be deducted from your final balance, which will be due upon completion of your artwork, prior to delivery.  


If you are contacting me the day after your wedding (or longer) there will be an additional fee of $50.00. 

enhanced roses.jpg