What our customers are saying!

"Crimson Clover Farm is where flower artistry meets environmental responsibility. The grower is an amazingly talented artist. From fresh bouquets to dried to potted arrangements that look as though they have been plucked from the forest floor...Crimson Clover arrangements bring a smile every time."

"High quality cut flowers - grown with care, filled with love. Shannon is the kindest to work with, and extremely reliable."

"Unique flowers with an artistic touch and quality that stand above the average market/nursery. Every purchase is "one of a kind" that impresses and awes the purchaser!"

"Whimsical, playful"

"She has the magic touch, she is so creative and has a great eye for floral design."

"I love that Crimson Clover is a true artist. Each arrangement is unique and beautiful. She is careful and takes time to deliver the best and does so while being environmentally responsible."


"Eccentric, one of a kind, intentionally different"