2022 Late Summer Share

2022 Late Summer Share

Our Late Summer Share bouquets will feature the queen of the farm....Lisianthus!  This time of the year Lisianthus is in it's prime.  Resembling a rose, but more elegant and much longer lasting (up to two weeks, sometimes more!) As the growing season winds down, our last share will not only have lisianthus, zinnias, cosmos, and celosia, but will also include rich hued marigolds, asters, strawflowers, salvia, eucalyptus, and rudbeckia.  We really end the season with a bang around here!  Fresh flowers make a wonderful addition to your small business/store front as well as brightening up your home!   Once you select your pick up location please be sure to mark your calendar so you know when to get your bouquets!


Please note we are unable to accomodate pick up day changes.  If you are going to be away or are unable to pick up your flowers, please consider gifting that week's bouquet to a friend to pick up and enjoy!

  • Pick Up Locations/Days

    We are so fortunate to know and work with the following local businesses who are hosts for our Flower Share Members.  We love it when our customers become their customers as well! Please carefully review the pick up location address and day of the week so you can make the selection that is most convenient for you! Make sure to set reminders for yourself for each pick up day!


    Pick up on the following Thursdays between 10am-6pm at:

    August 18 & 25 and September 1 & 8

    Big Spring Pharmacy

    91 S. High St., Newville, PA


    Camp Hill (also great for Lemoyne and New Cumberland!)

    Pick up on the following Thursdays between 10am-6pm at:

    August 18 & 25 and September 1 & 8

    Little Black Dress

    1801 Market Street, Camp Hill, PA


    Mechanicsburg (also great for Dillisburg and Boiling Springs!)

    Pick up on the following Tuesdays between 12pm-6pm:

    August 16, 23, 30 and September 6

    Rte 174 Roadside Market

    849 Boiling Springs Rd., Mechanicsburg, PA



    Pick up on the following Thursdays between 10am-5pm:

    August 18 & 25 and September 1 & 8

    Clair's Orchard

     1452 Holly Pike, Carlisle, PA

  • Our Promise to You

    Your flowers will be ready to go right into a vase when you get them home.  We harvest flowers within a 24 hour window to give your blooms the longest possible vase life, and to allow proper hydration of each stem.  While not all flowers will have the same vase life, we do try to select crops that will last approximately one week, if not longer, so you get the most for your investment. Most members report still having some flowers left from one week to the next that can be used in smaller bud vases throughout their home. If ever you have an issue with your flowers please contact me right away so we can figure out what may be causing problems.  Your satisfaction is vital to my business and I will work with you to make things right.

  • Flower Care Tips

    In order to make the most out of your investment in our farm, here are some tips to help keep your blooms as long as possible:

    • Consider bringing a container of water with you on your pick up day.  Your flowers will be kept in clean cool water until you pick them up.  Keep in mind how long it will be until you get them home, if you have additional stops to make it may be a good idea to bring a water source for them.  A water bottle works great and should fit in the cup holder in your vehicle.
    • Please make sure your vase or vessel is CLEAN.  Flower stems need to take in a lot of water to survive once cut.  One of the quickest ways to lose flowers early is to use dirty vases.  Giving vases them a good scrub with a splash of bleach should be sufficient.
    • Please change the water every couple of days, along with a fresh cut to the stems, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch is all that is needed.  The water your flowers are in should be clear, if it is becoming cloudy and murky, this means there is bacteria in the water which will clog the flower stems, making it difficult for water to travel through them, and ultimately the flowers die off.
    • Location matters!  Please try to avoid placing your blooms in direct sunlight and blasts of air from a fan or air conditioner.
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