Dressed Up Dish Garden

Dressed Up Dish Garden

Dish gardens have been around for ages.  A florist I worked for many moons ago had an on-site greenhouse with tons of baby plants to choose from anytime a dish garden was ordered.  I loved going out and building the garden, selecting the plants, tucking them in together in their new home.  It was an especially nice job during the colder months!


Dish gardens are perfect for any gift giving occasion, a Thank You gift,  housewarming, hostess, new baby, sympathy, birthday, or for a business client. They are easy to care for, and can eventually be separated and repotted into their own individual containers. It really is a gift that can be cherished for many years.


My vision for dish gardens is a little different than what you might find at the grocery store or chain florist starting with the "dish".  I am a big fan of upcycling so don't be surprised if the dish garden you order arrives in a vintage tureen or crock of some kind!  My hope is, the container will be viewed as part of the gift and kept by the recipient for other uses instead of tossing when the plants are eventually divided.


I select and combine houseplants that have similar growing requirements, including flowering plants such as Cyclamin, Kalanchoe, or Primrose.  When on hand, I will also include flowering bulbs that can be planted outdoors once they have finished blooming. The inclusion of bulbs is a fun way to add additional interest to the dish garden and customers really enjoying watching their progression.


Special finishing touches like birch tips, willow, sticks, dried flowers, moss, other natural elements, and of course a pretty ribbon make for a beautiful presentation.


*Please note dish gardens are made to order so please order at least two days in advance.  If there is anything you would like to request such as color palette I will do my best to accomodate. Photos are examples of the general style and size but components may vary.






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