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Hi, I'm Shannon

Thank you for stopping in!


With the help of my husband, Nathan, we own and operate our petite cut flower farm in Central Pennsylvania,

Crimson Clover Flower Farm.

An artist at heart...

I am most fulfilled when I am able to create beautiful things, especially when using the elements of nature as my medium.

A flower farm that serves you...

A tremendous amount of thought and planning is put into what I will grow each season and how I can incorporate various blooms and textures into my floral designs. We are fortunate to know other local growers and trusted wholesalers to help provide all of the materials and flowers needed to achieve your vision.

Headshot Shannon.jpg

Image: Woven by Legacies 

When you choose Crimson Clover as your florist you will receive a customized floral design plan created with a personal touch and artistic approach.

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