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Flower Preservation

Let us turn your wedding flowers into a custom work of art. Pressing your flowers is a beautiful way to hold on to your bridal bouquet after your wedding is over.  


Standard frame glass will be replaced with custom ordered, UV filtering, anti-reflective, archival glass to assist in the longevity of your pressed flower art.​​



What can be preserved and how much will it cost?

After years of trial and error and various techniques, we are able to press just about anything that comes our way. Please note some flowers will press quite translucent such as lilies and tulips, and most white flowers aren't pure white when dried out, but we think this natural process is beautiful in its own special way! 


Standard pricing for your preservation will be $375, with a $100 non-refundable deposit. A 5x7 boutonniere preservation would be $75.

 We do offer color enhancing services that begin at $25, please let us know if this is something you are interested in!

Add this to your floral package for a lifelong memory you will hold dear for years to come!

I have my own frame, can you use it?

Absolutely, and actually we ask that you provide your own frame. Frames are heirlooms as well and we want you to pick a frame that is in-line with your design style. 


I have found that a 16X20 frame matted to 11X14, creates the ideal work space for a standard wedding bouquet.  If you prefer a frame without a mat, you can look for an 11X14 frame. 

I live out of state, can you still work with me?

Yes, I can and would love to! You will need to overnight your flowers securely with a water/hydration pack. We will go over all the details together. 

Can I trust you with my florals?

We know how sentimental your florals are. Let our previous customers give you confidence that we can handle your request.

Shannon made preserving my wedding bouquet seamless without any stress (as if wedding planning isn't stressful enough!). She had great communication throughout the whole process and was very efficient. My floral preservation is breathtaking and I get so many compliments on it while it hangs in my new home.

"Shannon did my pressed bouquet after our wedding and it turned out beautifully! She is so organized and easy to work with! I'm so happy I reached out to her to have this done.
Thank you, Shannon!"

"Her communication was top-notch and prices were extremely fair. I absolutely loved that I got to pick my frame to match our home decor and that the entire process was customizable to exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend Crimson Clover Flower Farm for bouquet preservation!"

Ready to preserve your flowers and reserve a date? Click below.

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